Come Help Make a Difference!

Hey guise! 

So, we are really excited to be participating in an upcoming charity fundraiser.  Saturday July 6th from 7-10pm we will be in Itaewon for a PHOTOBOOTH PICTURE EXTRAVAGANZA!!  You can grab some props and take wacky photos with us and your friends!  WOO HOO!  Come get crazy with us, all for a good cause!!


The charity we are supporting is called Liberty in North Korea, or LiNK.  They are an NGO that brings North Korean defectors in China to freedom and safety.  They help these refugees escape through Southeast Asia to resettle in South Korea or the USA.  This work is important because North Korean defectors in China are often women or children.  They are at HIGH risk of sex trafficking, being sold into forced marriages, or repatriated to North Korea where as punishment for escaping they are often sent to labor camps or publicly executed.


The group we are supporting is committed to raising funds to rescue one refugee.  It takes $2,500 to provide support, transport, meals, medical care, and protection to a single refugee.  This is an impossible sum for most refugees…..but not for us!  Together, little by little, while having fun along the way, we can come together and make a HUGE difference in someone’s life.  So far this year the team has raised almost HALF this amount!   Let’s raise the rest on the 6th!  This is your chance to help change someone’s life forever.


The event will be at Botton from 7-10pm Saturday, July 6th.  Botton is a sweet little cafe up on the hill in Itaewon here in Seoul (near Buddha’s Belly, close to the Noksapyeong station, kinda behind and above the public restrooms).  They are an awesome cafe and are generously hosting us!


If you are not in South Korea or can’t make it to the event and would like to support this mission, please see the team’s Facebook page for information about donations.  International donations are VERY welcome and super easy!  You can paypal a donation and it takes about two minutes.  Even if its just a couple of bucks, it adds up quickly.


Or, if you can’t make it to the event, hopefully you can share this post with friends and family on Facebook.  Give it a like and a reblog here on Tumblr!  Tweet it out if you can :D


Check out our site for links to the event page, maps, and info about charity we are supporting.


Saturday, July 6th, 7-10pm, Botton cafe - WRITE IT DOWN AND COME HAVE SOME FUN FOR A GREAT CAUSE!!  Hope to see you there :D


Liberty in North Korea (official site)

- Local Chapter of Liberty in North Korea where you can hear about upcoming fundraisers or get involved - Seoul Rescue Team

Event Page (with a map)