Fan Art For Our Website!

We’re currently re-designing our homepage and we’re looking to add some new pictures to the "About Us" page after we finish the re-design. We get so many awesome fan drawings so we were hoping someone could make some pictures of: Dr.Meemersworth, Spudgy, Simon and me (Martina) that we could use on our website for the About Us page!  If we pick your artwork, we’d of course give you full credit for your artwork on the About Us page on our website!

Anyone up for the challenge?  Please say yes!  My drawing skills are so SUCKY!!!  Send us the link to your pictures on any of our social media sites! (tumblr, facebook, twitter, google+)

ps-> Some of our past fan art is totally awesome, but we didn’t want to use it without permission from the artist.  If you want to re-send it to us, we’ll know that it’s okay to choose from! ^^

Martina’s crappy drawing skillz: