If you’re confused about how the Kpop Charts get ranked

Hey guise!

First, let’s start with a Tweet about why Sunny Hill is beating Teen Top.

I know some people might be confused by the ranking system for our Kpop Charts, so we want to explain how it works,

Teen Top has more votes, comments, and shares than Sunny Hill, yet Sunny Hill ranks first.  Why’s that? 

Here’s what the top secret admin panel looks like for the ranking system:

Kpop Charts

Teen Top’s video came out 16 days ago, while Sunny Hill’s video came out 9 days ago. Within that week, Teen Top’s video got roughly 2400 more votes.  7 more days, 2400 votes.  Sunny Hill, though, has roughly 9800 votes in 9 days.  

So this is where the math comes in that the computer does for us:

Teen Top averaged around 760 or so votes a day.
Sunny Hill averaged roughly 1090 votes per day.  

That tells the automated ranking system that Sunny Hill’s video is more interesting to our audience, which is why it ranks higher.  

If only the highest voted for/commented/shared videos showed up, then you’d only have U-Kiss’s Tick Tack in the #1 spot crushing every other video for the rest of eternity.

I hope that clears things up!  The Kpop Charts aim to show not only what’s up for a review on Kpop Music Monday, but also what videos are new and interesting.  It’s not just a matter of total votes, but also votes/interactions per day.  Once the video has been reviewed, we can click a button to tell the system that it’s been reviewed, and it will begin to drop on the charts, not entirely, but it won’t rank as highly. 

SOOOOOOO, we don’t pick the winners out manually.  The system does now, so that - hopefully, you’ll understand that this isn’t us being “biased”.  It’s math.  Blame math.  Math, you biased bastard!  We should start an “I hate math for not picking my oppas/unnies” campaign.  

Who’s with me!!!