Anonymous asks:
Is the "DICKS" segment still a thing ?

Yeah! A new one is coming out today :)

Anonymous asks:
Could you guys recommend a Kpop playlist/songs for working out? I want to make one but I don't know where to begin.

That’s an awesome question and we’ll definitely put something together for that soon!

Who do you root for in the winter olympics more: Canada or Korea?

Would we be considered traitors if we say Korea? We live here now, and seeing people happy and cheering all around us if Korea wins makes for an awesome day. If Canada wins, we’re the only ones cheering. But we’ll cheer on the inside ;)

Anonymous asks:
Do you guys have kpop albums??

Tons!  We have a big stockpile of them, but we feel guilty whenever we look at it.  Maybe we should do another giveaway soon?  Haven’t done one of those in a while.  Hmmm…

Anonymous asks:
Best tip for starting a diet/healthier lifestyle? I only last a day or two before it's back to the junk food T_T

We’re actually finding ourselves feeling better from exercising than from just dieting.  Exercise in the morning gets us so much more energized for the rest of the day than the 5+ coffees we used to drink without exercise.  It’s really changing us :D

a93864 asks:
Favorite Place U Ever Been To?

Tough to say, because so many places offer so many different charms.  Stockholm, Sweden was the most beautiful.  Singapore has our favourite food :D

WTF - Hello Kitty Ondol Slippers:View Post

WTF - Hello Kitty Ondol Slippers:

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