Hey everyone!

Finally we can officially announce what everybody was suspecting: EAT YOUR KIMCHI will be attending Hallyucon 2014 during their Ooh Euro Nasty Tour! (You so nasty!)

At Hallyucon they will be holding a fanmeeting where you have to chance to ask Eat Your Kimchi questions and generally interact with them.

As a bonus both Leigh and SooZee are present at the convention as well! In fact, they will be judging the Kpop Dance Competition for us! To celebrate this awesome fact, we have extended the deadline for entering the Kpop Dance Competition to 14 September!

The people who have already signed up before the initial deadline are already in, but we have some room for more! So sign up while you still can!!! Follow the link below for more information on signing up. http://hallyucon.nl/convention/2014/02/19/kpop-dance-competition/

Even we can’t contain our excitement! And don’t be surprised to see Simon, Martina, Leigh and SooZee roam around the convention during their off hours

Check out EYK’s Ooh Euro Nasty Tour announcement video here: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/the-ooh-euro-nasty-tour/

Get your tickets for Hallyucon here: http://hallyucon.nl/convention/tickets/


So this girl walks into the lounge while I’m listening to some music and studying when I notice she has a “Soy un Dorito” shirt on. I was so excited and then suddenly, Sherlock started playing. It was drama-like fate.

Did you become bestest best friends? I hope so!



When I went to Närcon 2014, I found a really awesome friend at the EYK fansign. We realised that we had a lot incommon, but unfortunately we met on the 3rd day at the convention, meaning that we had to say good bye the day after ㅠㅠ But we’ve been talking ever since on fb. And strangely enough… we…

That’s amazing!
bebhyun asks:
Hii Simon and Martina! How's life? Anything interested planned? like perhaps going to Norway again sometime soon? ;)

Hi! Life’s great lately, just very busy. We’ve got some interesting things planned. Like, yes :)


where’s all the people that don’t hate eyk at

like can you reblog or like this if you don’t post/reblog mean shit about them so i can follow you please?

I don’t hate us!  Follllowwww meeeeeeee :D

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OMG!  How can we get our hands on this?  It’s freaking perfect!

Martina: the best she is at what she does - and what she does, ain’t kitty 


2nd draft at drawing a cartoon version of eatyourkimchi Martina in the style of X-23.

Didn’t fail as hard as the first draft, but after sending them a canvas painting last year I realised I suck big time at trying to draw people in a way that’s any way realistic :/


Opening of you are here cafe, w00p.