Black Day Black Bean K-Drama Party!

In case you missed it, here was our Black Day Black Bean K-Drama Party with Viki!

Finally! A Drama segment!

Thanks to everyone who hung out with us today as we watched K-Dramas, chatted for a bit, and ate black bean noodles with us. We were super excited to do this! We’ve always wanted to do a K-Drama segment, and we’re lucky that Viki wanted to do something with us. Great success!.

I’m also happy that this drama didn’t suck. If you didn’t watch it with us, we were watching

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Bingoo food truck! Was so excited to see them showing eat your kimchi patbingsu fapfap :)

Holy shit!  That’s so cool!  Where was this?

Just wanted to say I hope you guys don't stress too much about having things up "on time". Just work at your own pace, cause as much as nasties enjoy your stuff, you guys should enjoy everything you're doing too :) And you upload plenty of videos anyways. Glorious videos. EYK Fighting!! (Aww yisss EYK fan cheering hells ye)

Thank you for being so understanding <3

This Week’s Kpop Music Monday

Hey guise,

Sorry to say this, but we couldn’t get Kpop Music Monday done this week. Martina’s best friend flew in yesterday, and on top of that we had two very big projects we were working on today.  We should reveal one of them in around 10 days.  The other, soon after.  

Point being, we had everything scripted, but we just didn’t have the time to hop in front of a camera.  I’m sorry!  Hopefully we’ll find time this week to get it filmed :D

Korean Indie Playlist Time!

Korean Indie Playlist Time!

It’s a Martina and Leigh indie plaaaaaylist!!! IN PLAYLIST MODEEEEE!!!! This playlist is a bizarre combo of Acoustic Folk Rock music meets Hip Hop meets….um…Rap-Dance? That’s totally a genre right…guise? *crickets*

First up is Joon 안승준 with “My Last Song” which I really didn’t think I’d like when I first started listening to it but I ended up really digging it. I can’t explain what I feel from…

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Eric Nam’s new promotion style has changed a lot with his new Ooh Ooh album ^.^


Calling all the single people!
Join the Black Day Livestream Party with Eat Your Kimchi, April 14th!


Calling all the single people!

Join the Black Day Livestream Party with Eat Your Kimchi, April 14th!