If you guys come to the US you should visit Pennsylvania! It's beautiful here and Philadelphia is a great destination for all things historical and such. Plus you can get amazing cheesesteaks.

We have family over in Charleroi! I think that’s how it’s spelled… :D

amorphsian asks:
XD my professor started talking about Korean culture for sociology, and I showed a few videos that you guys did (from the fapfap and the wtf videos) and everyone LOVES them! A few of my friends even did the ramen hacks and were so mind blown how useful it is (XD except we're kind of intimidated by putting ranch dressing in our ramen)

Ha!  Yes, the adding of Ranch is specifically a Simon thing :D

Anonymous asks:
It's October and you can already see you breath like a dragon over here in Canada. Yay. HOW'S KOREA? :D

We just got back yesterday morning, then spent the day sleeping, unpacking, sleeping, waking up disorented and hungry, and sleeping some more.  Korea’s great so far!

gokimmigo asks:
Hi! I've been a fan for a few years now and I love all the information and culture you guys help spread. I was just wondering if Kpop Music Mondays are going to get back to being a regular thing? I know you're crazy busy, but those were my favourite pieces to watch. I miss them! Hope you're all doing well!

I hope so!  We just have so many things popping up and always landing on freaking Mondays!  We plan on doing one next week.  No more travel for us for the rest of the year!  Hooray!

Anonymous asks:
Do you guys think you'll ever be coming to the US? It's not bad here (if you know where to avoid) and eastern US (Maryland (where I reside), Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, and Delaware are really great! :3 My fam travels a lot, so we usually stick to these states! -Nat

We’ve been trying to plan a US Road Trip for a while now.  I hope it’ll happen next year :D

Anonymous asks:
can you guys plzzzzz do a TL;DR on marijuana or medical marijuana use/views in Korea? Also maybe your own personal views on the matter.

We talked about it a bit in our video on Psy’s “Hangover” :D