hows spudgy's eyes?

Well, he’s still blind in his left eye, but we got eyedrops to keep the swelling down, so he doesn’t seem like he needs to get his eye removed.  Yay!

magicpika asks:
How are you guise?, and Spudgy and the Meems

Just extremely busy lately.  Probably one of the busiest times of our life, really.  But we’re excited for all the new things that we’re about to open, like our Coffee Shop, and a couple others :D

Anonymous asks:
When do you anticipate your coffee shop to open? I'm leaving Korea at the end of August and Id love to visit before I go!

It’ll be open by then :D

When, what for, aand for how long will oou guise be in Sweden? (♡˙︶˙♡) Gotta goo see youu

We’re going to Narcon!  We’ll be in Sweden from Thursday to Monday!

Anonymous asks:
Hi guys! I know it's only been a couple of days and you're very busy, but I was just wondering if you got/read my e-mail applicaton for the online store managing ad? Just very curious~ stay awesome! - E

We’ve been blessed with lots of applications from many interested and awesome people.  We’re sorting through them now and trying to plan out the scheduling for it all :D

fruitaemilk asks:
hey guys! :D can you give us some updates on your coffee shop?

We’re gonna have a big update, including the name and the opening date, and more, on Thursday!


OK so I’ve been trying to get in contact with any of the members of Block B since I saw them in New York — which was two weeks ago. Basically this means that I’ve been violently sending them DMs on Instagram…

But of course they haven’t accepted my request yet.

I mean they only have <50k…

We spend a lot of time in the week trying to talk to as many of you as possible, via Instagram, YouTube, our site, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.    If you’re nice enough to look at our stuff and leave a comment, we don’t want to ignore you :D